Putin delivers annual address +++ Walmart announces new restrictions on gun sales

Putin delivers annual address +++ Walmart announces new restrictions on gun sales +++ Hicks resigns as White House communications director +++ Tusk meets May over Brexit +++ Germany investigates cyber attack +++ The Weather

News | 1 March 2018

Gennie Johnson

Putin delivers annual address

In his annual state-of-the-nation address, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the country has developed a new cruise missile. He claimed that the weapon could reach anywhere in the world. In his speech, which comes just a few weeks before the presidential election, he also said that the country should focus on raising the living standards of its citizens, saying that 20 million Russians live below the poverty line: "we have no right to allow the stability we've achieved to lead to complacency. From the point of view of the extremely important task of ensuring people's quality of life and welfare, we of course have not achieved the level we require. But we have to do this and we will do this."

Walmart announces new restrictions on gun sales

The largest retailer in the US - Walmart - has announced new restrictions on the sale of guns in the wake of the Florida school shooting in which 17 people were killed. It said it would no longer sell firearms and ammunition to people younger than 21. The announcement was made as President Donald Trump urged Congress to pass tougher gun laws.

Hicks resigns as White House communications director

One of President Trump's longest-serving advisors Hope Hicks is to step down as the White House communications director. The announcement comes a day after she testified in front of the panel investigating alleged Russian interference in the last US presidential election. White House sources said there was no link between the two developments.

Tusk meets May over Brexit

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is meeting the European Council President Donald Tusk amid tensions over the EU's draft Brexit treaty. Yesterday, May rejected the EU's proposal that Northern Ireland could remain in the EU's customs union as part of efforts to avoid a so-called "hard border" with Ireland. Tusk says he's hoping to hear suggestions on how to keep the Irish border open following the UK's withdrawal from the bloc: "I will be asking in London: whether the UK government has a better idea that would be as effective in preventing a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland."

Germany investigates cyber attack

The German government says it's investigating a security breach of its computer networks. A Russian hacking group known as Fancy Bear is being widely blamed in the German media. But the German Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries said she saw no indications so far that the Russians were behind the attack.

The Weather

Mainly cloudy in the west with a bit of light snowfall. Brighter conditions elsewhere. A strong wind. And highs mostly ranging between minus 10 and zero, a touch warmer in the West.


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