Colonial War and Mental Disorders

Von: Meira Asher, Dave Phillips, Eran Sachs | 10. Juli 2020, 18:14

This piece is part of an extended work based on the book “The Wretched of the Earth” by Frantz Fanon.
The book analyses the Complexity of Colonialism and presents the necessary need for a violent struggle to end occupation.

In his book, Fanon deals, among other things, with the influence of colonialism on the mental condition of both colonisers and colonised.

Colonialism is a disease of reality itself.
The disease as a condition rearranges reality according to distorted principles, which we find hard to understand to the core.

From the cases that Fanon presents and analyses in his book, we have extracted fragments that reflect these distortions. Here is case #3:

"So why are there only Algerians in prison?
How do you explain that?..."

"...We were not angry with him. Every Thursday we used to go and hunt together with a slingshot up on the hill behind the village. He was our best friend. He had left school because he wanted to become a mason like his father. One day we decided to kill him because the Europeans want to kill all the Arabs. We can’t kill the grownups but we can kill someone like him because he is our own age..."

"He used to play with us. Another boy would not have gone up the hill with us."

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