Fixing the Future
Fixing the Future
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Universal ethics for the future of our planet

21. Juni 2022, 00:00

Long Yang e.V. is a growing NGO that was founded by the Buddhist Master Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche 25 years ago. We are practically applying universal ethics through environmental, social and educational projects in Nepal and Germany. With the establishment of the Akasha Academy, we are offering a space to learn, train and apply these principles for the benefit of others. We especially empower young people to act courageously for the future of our planet. With physical strength, mental stability and the right tools at hand, they can be the change-makers this world so urgently needs. Having the skills and capacity to balance, they will be able to establish a common ground even in the most challenging situations. With the Akasha Kindergarten and International School we help children to playfully experience the facts of life and to be prepared for the future on this planet earth, which they will naturally try to protect.


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