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Arrest warrant issued for Yanukovich / Surprise resignation from Egypt's government / Renzi to reveal his plan for Italy / Uganda introduces a controversial new anti-gay law / An openly gay athlete welcomed in the NBA / The weather


Arrest warrant issued for Yanukovich

Ukraine's ousted president Viktor Yanukovich has become the country's most wanted man after the acting interior minister announced earlier that an arrest warrant has been issued for Yanukovich on charges of mass murder of peaceful civilians. Yanukovich fled the capital Kiev on Friday amid a revolt against his rule after three days of conflict in which more than 80 people were killed. He is believed to be in the pro-Russian Crimea region, but his exact whereabouts are not known. There's been speculation that Ukraine could break apart over divided regional loyalties to the EU and Russia. But EU trade commissioner, Karel de Gucht, says cooperation with Russia is the proper path to pursue and that the EU is ready to step with urgently needed financial aid for Ukraine: "As far as the EU is concerned, we are ready to deliver. And I'm convinced that the only way to get the economy right is, in fact, an agreement with the European Union; which doesn't mean, by the way, that they cannot have close ties with Russia. The whole idea, which is in fact a Putin idea, that this is a kind of a contest, you know, between Russia and the European Union is simply not true. The one does not exclude the other."

Surprise resignation from Egypt's government

Egypt's interim prime minister announced a short time ago that his Cabinet has resigned. Hazem el-Beblawi's military-backed government was sworn in last July shortly after the army ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. The government's surprise resignation comes amid a series of strikes, including one by public transport workers and garbage collectors.

Renzi to reveal his plan for Italy

Italy's new Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, is presenting his much-awaited government program to the country's senate this afternoon. After reviewing Renzi's economic strategy, which is expected to include new stimulus measures funded by deficit spending that will require EU approval, the senate will prepare to hold a confidence vote in the newly-appointed cabinet.

Uganda introduces a controversial new anti-gay law

Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has signed an anti-homosexuality bill into law, defying sharp criticism from Western donor nations. The new law will mean people convicted of having gay sex could face life prison terms. It will also make it a crime to promote gay activity or to fail to report someone for breaking the new law.

An openly gay athlete welcomed in the NBA

Meanwhile, in the United States, Jason Collins, has become the first openly gay player to compete in the NBA after taking to the court last night for the Brooklyn Nets to play against the Los Angeles Lakers. The 35-year-old revealed at the end of last season that he's gay. Collins remained a free agent until signing a short-term contract for the Nets yesterday.

The weather

While fog and cloud cover will affect parts of the south-east, most of Austria can look forward to sunny skies. Highs today ranging from 4 to 15 degrees.