Junker, app for waste sorting and recycling

25. März 2022, 12:08

Junker is a mobile app, developed by Giunko, that helps citizens sort waste correctly. Italian citizens must sort waste in various fractions, but information may be confused, misleading, and the type of collection may vary from town to town. Junker users can scan the product’s barcode and get information about the packaging components, the materials they are made of, the correct waste bins in which they must be sorted. Information is always up to date, validated by the national authorities for waste fractions, and geolocated, thus correct according to the rules for waste sorting of the area the user lives in. Additionally, users can refer to the calendar for door-to-door collection, view collection points on the maps, get messages from their municipality, look for contact details of the municipality. 1200 municipalities in Italy have joined Junker + 20 municipalities in Switzerland. Over 2 million users have downloaded the app and our database counts 1.7 million classified products.


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