15. März 2021, 10:57

We are a Berlin-based start-up selling vegan condoms and organic period products. 50% of our profits are reinvested in fairstainability - to increase our positive impact (e.g. research on sustainable packaging, premium for farmers at the beginning of our value chain) and reduce the negative impact we have with our operations (e.g. CO2 footprint, plastic pollution). One major field of action is in our value chains. Natural rubber (the material our condoms are made of) is grown on over 14 million hectars world wide, mainly in monocultures, often of deforested land under sometimes precarious working conditions.
We have set up a regenerative rubber initiative in which we are working together with farmers in Southern Thailand, sourcing rubber grown in agroforestry systems, providing a guaranteed purchase and premium price.


Audio: Fairstainability

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