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EcoClipper - Sustainable Shipping & Travel

16. März 2021, 17:22

EcoClipper is a sail cargo company that plans to build a fleet of innovative sailing ships. These vessels will transport cargo, passengers and trainees on four shipping lines around the world.

Currently, the team is working on a financial campaign to build the EcoClipper500 prototype, the first ship of the series. It will have space for 500 tonnes of cargo, as well as 12 passengers and 36 trainees. The ship will also be engineless to ensure maximum sustainability.

Currently, maritime shipping accounts for over 900 million tonnes of C02 per year and is responsible for around 2.5% of global greenhouse gases emissions.
Despite some attempts to curb these emissions, the industry has been slow to make any distinctive changes to how these vessels operate. Some companies are testing alternative fuels and solar and wind power designs.

However, sail technology has been proven for thousands of years as a reliable form of propulsion. As decisions need to be made, EcoClipper believes the answer lies with what we've learnt from the past to move forward into the future: using the renewable and free energy source of the wind.

EcoClipper will be joining other companies operating sailing vessels as cargo ships. EcoClipper will scale-up the entire industry, however. By increasing the size of ships, and therefore cargo space, and inviting passengers and trainees, these vessels can transform shipping and travel together.

EcoClipper ships are ideal for deep-sea sailing, and use the pinnacle of ship design: the clipper. There is an opportunity here for EcoClipper ships to deliver cargoes across oceans, and smaller vessels to continue shipping the cargo along coasts, up river, or inland using canals.

EcoClipper ships will truly change the format of sail cargo and travel that we see today.

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