Waste materials become resources with Gipave®

17. Juni 2022, 17:25

Iterchimica is an Italian company leader in the production of sustainable technologies for roads. The Ecopave project made it possible to develop a polymer supermodifier named Gipave®. Iterchimica was the leading company of the project, which also involved G. Eco, Directa Plus and the University of Milano Bicocca. Gipave is a patented high-tech graphene-enhanced polymeric supermodifier designed for sustainable and longer-lasting roads. It improves the performances of roads extending their lifespan, thus preventing pavement distresses, consequently reducing maintenance operations and the related costs over time. Gipave® helps reduce environmental impacts as it contains a specific type of selected hard plastic, which usually ends up in waste-to-energy plants. It has been calculated that, for a 1 km-long road, it is possible to recycle 20 tonnes of technically-selected waste plastics, avoiding their incineration. Roads built with Gipave can be 100% recyclable in future production cycles.


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