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28. Juli 2021, 01:24

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I am Ahmed, a student at the faculty of Law in Cairo, I am a writer of short stories, poetry and storytelling. The problem I am talking about is the "problems of refugees in the host countries." I am organizing workshops and events to talk about their problems, fears and hopes, and tell their inspiring stories to the world by publishing them in brochures and books with illustrations.

One workshop every year, ten refugees attend each workshop with the help of 3 facilitators, two of whom participate online because they are refugees in Germany and Austria.
Performances are organized in several centers, such as the Goethe-Institut in Cairo and the Jusoor Center of All Saints' Cathedral.
All participate by filling out an electronic form, and for a seven days, we share with everyone their stories and organize a storytelling show, then for a month we organize an exhibition of illustrations..


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