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The 1000 Abrahamic Circles Project

An independent and grassroots, international interfaith peace effort that aims to bring together Abrahamic faith leaders from three different countries on a journey to each other’s community in an effort that is expected to end inherited bigotry.


Kultur 17. April 2021

interdisciplinary methods in Art, Fashion, Design

I couldn’t find my place, not only affected by the challenges inherent in where I live but also by the problem in labeling art media. However, this uncertainty led me to a variety of experiences & now as creative director I realized the importance of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary exercises. I learned the importance of methodology which defined my art. Now, my attempt is to customize personal methods based on the project & each individual's approach. I believe the future is when media are in the service of thought & ideas. I combined design thinking approaches, fashion & art project’s process, like a combination of experience design & art event, or 4D design’s method & score in the choreographic process. I would love to spend my time observing, collecting & spreading various methods. I want to highlight the importance of learning methods & approaches, the potential of finding innovative ways in customizing artistic methods.


Kultur 15. April 2021


- I am Nazgol Sobhani 21years old studying Painting at Art university of Tehran - Unicef painting Competition {2014} Gold price - Nominate for other Local and Foreign Art Competitions 2016-2018 - What makes me to feel safe? what makes me to stay in one place and what makes me to leave? My Home Ongoing project 1: Home-cloth what are my experiences if I don’t have to go back to my safe space in specific location? I have it wearable in my day to day life. Ongoing project 2: Re-home To understand future and how it builds we need to feel that it all depends on our ways of connection and relations to each other. Our ways of thinking build our ways to future. it’s about safe space which isolate us in order to feel. Feel each other.


Kultur 10. April 2021

The Global Fluvial Clock & Planetary Clepetra

Rivers are icons of climate change, and highly sensitive indicators of climate conditions. To bolster public appreciation of river systems, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien Professor Helmut Habersack is collaborating with the acclaimed American artist and experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats to create a pair of monumental clocks that will keep time with the flow of some of the world’s largest rivers over the next several hundred years. One fluvial clock will support public education at the new BOKU Wasserbaulabor on the Danube River. A twin clock in the Vienna city center will be a high-visibility environmental artwork viscerally connecting residents and visitors with the seasonal flow of the Danube. Developed in collaboration with Ars Electronica Futurelab and Open Austria, the timepieces will encourage us to pay attention to our natural surroundings, remind us of our human limitations, and temper our societal hubris.


Kultur 31. März 2021

FUTURZWEI - Reparatur der Zukunft

FUTURZWEI ist eine gemeinnützige Stiftung, die sich für das Projekt einer zukunftsfähigen, enkeltauglichen, offenen Gesellschaft einsetzt. https://futurzwei.org/ In diesem Video stellen wir FUTURZWEI als eine Initiative für die Reparatur der Zukunft vor: Wer sind wir? Was ist das Problem? Was machen wir neu/anders?


Kultur 23. März 2021

Cultural Collisions Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cultural Collisions is a cross-disciplinary science and art engagement and networking program with special emphasis on educational methodologies. Cultural Collisions creates a dialogue HUB of scientists and artists with the goal to inspire school students and invite them to actively participate in this cross disciplinary dialogue. It is designed to trigger curiosity, enhance creativity, and foster critical thinking and help school students to create their own artistic reflections on scientific or technologic topics. The interdisciplinary program allows the next generation to get prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Science & Art connecting People. Cross disciplinary science & art engagement and global networking by ORIGIN: https://mhoch.web.cern.ch/Art@CMS/ORIGIN_CERN_IR_Nov2019_final.pdf


Kultur 21. März 2021


Musician Stergin’s newest project is an artistic initiative of promoting empathy & listening to each other in our ever so divided societies. Very personal conversations with people who live within 1 mi2 of the artist will inspire new musical compositions. In the past 20 years our societies are drifting further apart.The endless stream of information & misinformation on our devices makes it harder & harder to distinguish what is what. Sometimes it seems that everything has lost its meaning. The goal is to grow the project & find musicians/artists in each country of the planet who will follow the same process: interview someone in their own mi2 & create an artistic reaction to it. All these interviews & creations will then be shared on a website & then turned into a travelling exhibition. 1 mi2 I willl send a positive message from and into our communities and promote listening to each other and empathy. This starts in front of our own front doors. Website: http://www.on...


Kultur 16. März 2021

Caring Infrastructures- “Catalog of Possibilities”

Investing the potential of the public space, during the pandemic and beyond. This is an exhibition dealing with the public space during which we lunched a “CALL FOR IDEAS” for project realizations in Austria and Tel Aviv. Asking questions like: What is your idea for the resilient city of tomorrow? How can we use the public space collectively in this “NEW” normality? Which places can support us in taking care of each other? This project is a collaboration of feld72, the Liebling Haus, the Tel Aviv municipality and the Austrian cultural forum.


Kultur 14. März 2021

desire de paragüas

My name is Raphael Miro Holzer. I am a performer, choreographer and dance pedagogue based in Barcelona. My artistic vision focuses on his interest in exploring the role of language in contemporary dance and how to combine dance with other cultural expressions as well I am continuously working on my BLUEPRINT mythology. In 2021 I established the dancetheater company vanholzer which serves as a platform for my choreographic works. One possible definition of choreography is to write to people. “Chorus” The people in the greek tragedies which were commenting on the main characters. It's also the idea of circular and line dancing which is strongly related to the word politics, how we organise cities and the commun space. All of this is enbetted into the dni of choreography. It's our most powerful and at the same time fragile tool. The piece shows us the journey of four dancers and relates the possible definition of choreography. Their first steps of the dancers will invite t...


Kultur 13. März 2021

The Chineke! Foundation

The Chineke! Foundation was created by Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE in 2015 to provide outstanding career opportunities to established and up-and-coming Black and ethnically diverse classical musicians in the UK and Europe. Chineke!’s motto is: ‘Championing change and celebrating diversity in classical music’. The organisation aims to be a catalyst for change, realising existing diversity targets within the industry by increasing the representation of Black and ethnically diverse musicians in British and European orchestras. As Europe’s first majority Black and ethnically diverse orchestra, the Chineke! Orchestra performs a mixture of standard orchestral repertoire along with the works of Black and ethnically diverse composers both past and present. https://www.chineke.org/


Kultur 1. März 2021

SILENT WALK - Ein Rahmen für die Stille

Sich um die Gegenwart zu kümmern, ist die Basis für eine sich positiv entwickelnde Zukunft. Den vielen Informationen, die uns täglich überfluten, gelegentlich den Rücken zu kehren, um im Innenraum Platz zu schaffen, führt zu einer wohltuenden Leere, die mit innerer Stille gepaart wieder zu neuer Energie führt. Diese Erfahrung hat mein Leben in den letzten Jahr geprägt, sie mit anderen Menschen zu teilen, wurde mir ein immer größeres Bedürfnis. Mit meinem Format SILENT WALK habe ich dann einen Rahmen für die Stille gefunden, in dem Menschen für ein paar Stunden aus ihrem Alltag buchstäblich austreten können, um einfach nur zu sein. Sich mit der Natur zu verbinden, dem Geist eine Pause zu gönnen - das alles ist nicht nur die Basis für Zufriedenheit, sondern auch Nährboden für neue Ideen. Website: www.angelatroendle.com


Kultur 12. November 2020

Temporary art space in Seestadt

Ausgangspunkt für dieses Projekt ist der Wunsch, Künstler_innen einen erschwinglichen Arbeitsplatz zu bieten, eine Austauschplattform für die Gemeinde zu schaffen und darüberhinaus das kulturelle Leben im 22. Bezirk zu bereichern. Dank einer Kollaboration mit Wien 3420 Aspern Development hat sich die Idee ergeben und momentan werden uns zwei nicht genutzte Räumlichkeiten für den Zeitraum des Projekts zur Verfügung gestellt. Ein 80 Quadratmeter großes Loft, das für 4 Monate ca. 6 Künstler_innen als Atelierplatz dienen wird und ein fünfstöckiger, halboffener Turm, der für das Finale des Projekts als Ausstellungsraum benutzt wird. Um möglichst faire Bedingungen für die Auswahl der Künstler_innen zu schaffen wird diese durch eine Jury, die aus Personen von verschiedensten Kunstrichtungen besteht, kuratiert. Für Dokumentationszwecke wird ein Katalog und auch ein kurzes Video produziert werden. In dem wird das ganze Konzept des Projekts erklärt, die kreative Arbeit gezeigt, der Aufbau ...


Kultur 4. November 2020