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Cultural and Innovative Tourist Center

31. Dezember 2021, 20:09

I am Denys Kabanenko, head of the non-profit public organization School of Robotics «Forward to the Future», located at Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
I present a project of Culturally and Innovative Tourist Center with a clock of Unity at Zaporozhye Ukraine as a plan or reconstruction of the urban square.
Purpose: 1. Main Cultural and Tourist Place of the City - 1 km Zaporozhye. 2. The place of meeting citizens. 3. Pointer of Time, the largest in Europe 12 meters. 4. Center of culture - the area of professions and workshops. 5. Children's circles. 6. City Museum. 7. Observation platform. 8. Center of ethnic groups. 8. Toilet. 9. Waterfall. 10. Cafe. 11. Ecological design and technology.
Additional main quirks: 1. Changing the shape and length of the clock hands - as in the painting by Salvador Dali. 2. Autonomy - will run on solar and wind energy.
And much more.
Sphere: public space, tourism, leisure, innovation, energy efficiency.
We hope that this project will become a center that unites everyone.
It will also become a popular tourist destination for Ukrainian and international visitors.


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