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On equals: Only your talent makes you special

15. September 2021, 15:33

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine the number of people with disabilities of working age is about 2.7 million, of which only 26% are employed. Therefore, the project "On equals" was created that progressed towards resolution of this problem:
1. a sociological study was conducted;
2. an informative and educational campaign is being carried out on social networks;
3. we shot public service videos and a short film about the active life and work of people with disabilities;
4. we developed an online platform that collects vacancies from various fields for people with disabilities.
Why is there a need for a separate platform? In an ideal world, any vacancy is equally available for everyone, namely for people with needed qualifications and experience. Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine is different. Based on the experience of nongovernmental organizations engaged in the employment of people with disabilities, there is a tendency for people to be more encouraged to apply for a vacancy when there is a "for people with disabilities" label. Under such conditions they at least know that their application will be considered on equal terms regarding the other candidates.


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