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De Structura

31. Dezember 2021, 20:41

DE STRUCTURA’S goal is to empower young people in the arts and to provide them with the tools to, on the one hand, be successful in pursuing a meaningful career, and on the other, bringing innovation to an environment daunting for newcomers.

Leading the project is a team of young artists and art professionals, who through first- hand experience understand how difficult it usually is to build a meaningful career in the sphere of arts and culture.

What is the problem?
One’s decision to become an artist or an art professional is often challenged by numerous questions.
“Art is a hobby, not a profession, shouldn’t you choose something more sensible?”
“It is a vocation for the wealthy and the elites, they will never let you in. Do you want to deal with this cruel reality?”
“How are you going to pay your bills or get health insurance?”
Being bombarded with such questions externally as well as internally, a lack of understanding of the institutional structures of the art world and a couple of unsuccessful projects discourage talented young individuals from staying on this path. We want to help them overcome these challenges in Europe.

What are you doing that’s new/different?
De Structura will unite 100 young professionals from 18 to 30 years old, living in different countries of the European continent. Divided between 3 different clusters of the project dealing with the connection of art to nature and ecology, technology and digitisation, social issues, they will work together to understand the system of arts and create real artistic projects together.
We will create a platform for knowledge-sharing and will strive to give young professionals the skills and support to successfully navigate the world of arts and culture.


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