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Innovation Happiness

We want to introduce ourselves as a team of people who have” courage to dream.” A dream of bringing sustainable happiness to people as a HappyPeople, and experiencing the NEW and be prepared for transformation in a sustainable way. Peter, as a Transformation Expert with full-time time donation. He is Viennese and active as a philanthropic advisor, an ambassador for transformation with joy. Claudia - is Viennese, mother of two children and self-employed - and as a Talent Expert has the courage to contribute 8 hours of her time. Kamran comes from Iran and contributes three days a week to the common good as a Social Sustainability Business Expert - also part-time donation. As a matter of fact, our inner child made a lot of experiences, conflicts, insecurity, loneliness, et. This makes our world fragile, our JobWorld, Relationship with Family and Friends, Health, Financial Situation, Future of the Children, Social Responsibility, Environment, and Mission and Vision have been affected...


Bildung 5. Mai 2021

Snowball Effect - replicating what works

Snowball Effect is the first school for aspiring social entrepreneurs who don’t want to reinvent the wheel: they learn how to replicate in their region a social business that has already proven to work somewhere else, by learning from their initial founders. The solutions to cope with our society’s challenges exist, it’s high time to spread them! In our programs aspiring social entrepreneurs discover a panel of proven social businesses worth replicating, learn from their founders, acquire the right skills to replicate (market adaptation, market sizing, collaboration, introspection, entrepreneurial mindset etc.) and follow the program with others like-minded participants from all over Europe!


Bildung 3. Mai 2021

Minority Minds

Hallo! Ich bin Martina, eine motivierte Studentin mit ausgeprägtem Sprachentalent (16 Sprachen). Meine Projektidee ist “Minority Minds", eine Initiative zu Solidarität mit und Wissen über Minderheiten, ihre Sprachen und Kulturen. Was? Das Projekt holt unbekannte/wenig gesprochene Sprachen vor den Vorhang! So hilft es dabei, die Bedeutung dieser Gruppen zu fördern, Wissen zu erweitern und bietet mit Sprachkursen eine Qualifizierung für durch die Krise besonders benachteiligte Gruppen wie Menschen mit Beeinträchtigung/ältere Menschen. Wie geschieht das? Drei Teile, eine Wissens-Plattform, eine Service-App & ein Event/Support-Teil sollen dies ermöglichen! Was ist neu/anders? Der innovative Ansatz der Verbindung zwischen Gesellschaft und Wissenschaft zu diesem Thema und der inklusive Aspekt – das Projekt ist 100% barrierefrei!


Bildung 2. Mai 2021


At Crea +, we have proposed to contribute to transforming society and building the country in which we want to live. And for this, we believe that our children must discover their talents and dedicate to what they are passionate about. In this way, they can grow up inspired, motivated and happy. For this reason and through 10 years, Crea + has had the mission of allowing children from vulnerable backgrounds to discover their talent and find their passion during their school years. To achieve this, we have built a professional volunteering program in which young people and adults donate their talents, hobbies and professions through face-to-face and virtual classes that they share with students from all over Peru. We want more children to believe in themselves to achieve their dreams. That moves us and has led us to offer more than 30 thousand free classes with 300 different themes such as mini engineers, mini chef, mini architects, singing, scientific experiments, veterinary ...


Bildung 28. April 2021

Ein Zukunftsforum gründen....... und anfangen.

In Deutschland wohnt fast die Hälfte der Bevölkerung in einem demokratischen Vakuum. In den Stadtteilen wo sie wohnen sind sie Erfahrungsexperten. Dort haben sie ehrenamtlich Zeit sich einzusetzen. Und genau dort haben sie zurzeit vor Ort keine demokratische Institutionen. Damit erreichen wir keine Nachhaltigkeit und Resilienz unserer Gesellschaft. Insbesondere lernt die Jugend so nicht aus der eigenen Umgebung, wie sie effektiv diese Eigenverantwortung wahrnehmen können. Es ist sofort möglich auf zivilgesellschaftlicher Basis Zukunftsforen in diesen Stadtteilen zu gründen. Das Zukunftsforum Blankenese ist ein erfolgreiches Reallabor das leicht zu kopieren ist. www.zukunfsforum-rissen.de www.mierendorffinsel.org


Bildung 27. April 2021

Jugendthemen sichtbar machen

Der unabhängige gemeinnützige Verein Lern.Film.Studio setzt sich aus professionellen medieninterssierten Partnern wie JournalistInnen, FilmemacherInnen, der größten Jugendorganisation Salzburgs, der Uni Salzburg und rts (Regionalfernsehen Salzburg) zusammen. Wir haben festgestellt, dass die Lebenswelten von Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen immer weiter auseinanderklaffen und sich Jugendthemen in der Medienöffentlichkeit kaum wiederfinden. Wir möchten durch optimale Vernetzung und Unterstützung von Medienexperten Jugendlichen (und anderen medieninteressierten Randgruppen) die Möglichkeit geben, Nachrichten und Filmdokumentationen zu drehen und professionell einer breiten Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren.


Bildung 15. April 2021

interdisciplinary methods in Art, Fashion, Design

I couldn’t find my place, not only affected by the challenges inherent in where I live but also by the problem in labeling art media. However, this uncertainty led me to a variety of experiences & now as creative director I realized the importance of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary exercises. I learned the importance of methodology which defined my art. Now, my attempt is to customize personal methods based on the project & each individual's approach. I believe the future is when media are in the service of thought & ideas. I combined design thinking approaches, fashion & art project’s process, like a combination of experience design & art event, or 4D design’s method & score in the choreographic process. I would love to spend my time observing, collecting & spreading various methods. I want to highlight the importance of learning methods & approaches, the potential of finding innovative ways in customizing artistic methods.


Bildung 15. April 2021

Volunteer Management

• Who we are? Volunteer Management “Equilibrium” project that helps to search for the balance between helping yourself and others. Since 2015, we have been developing and improving the Volunteer Management training course for non-profit organizations. 15+ years of practical experience in volunteer management 20+ author training courses 500+ participants from different parts of Ukraine 50+ organizations 500+ volunteer ideas and projects • What is the problem? The number of volunteers and social initiatives in Ukraine have significantly increased after 2014 (because of the war and Maidan revolution). Mainly, it had a very chaotic coordination based on intuition rather than on a structural and organized approach in volunteer management. It's very difficult to keep volunteers long term motivated if organizations do not have knowledge how to develop volunteer management programs and to work with volunteer groups sustainably. What are you doing that’s new...


Bildung 30. März 2021

The Map of Solutions

Mutmacherei is an association that wants to inspire a positive vision of our future by showcasing examples of best practice. One way we do this is with the Map of Solutions – a data base in the form of a fully clickable, bilingual mind map that provides an entirely new way of visualising content. It is not only a source of information, but also a possible infrastructure for other organisations that want to fix the future. Website: http://mutmacherei.net Map of Solutions: http://mutmacherei.net/mut-map/ and for full screen mode: http://mutmacherei.net/MutMap/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mut.macherei Twitter: https://twitter.com/mutmacherei Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/DieMutmacherei LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iramollay/


Bildung 25. März 2021

Cultural Collisions Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cultural Collisions is a cross-disciplinary science and art engagement and networking program with special emphasis on educational methodologies. Cultural Collisions creates a dialogue HUB of scientists and artists with the goal to inspire school students and invite them to actively participate in this cross disciplinary dialogue. It is designed to trigger curiosity, enhance creativity, and foster critical thinking and help school students to create their own artistic reflections on scientific or technologic topics. The interdisciplinary program allows the next generation to get prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Science & Art connecting People. Cross disciplinary science & art engagement and global networking by ORIGIN: https://mhoch.web.cern.ch/Art@CMS/ORIGIN_CERN_IR_Nov2019_final.pdf


Bildung 21. März 2021

Climate Walk by the Wanderers of changing Worlds

The Climate Walk is a research, education and media-art project. It is about walking across Europe from Norway to Portugal to collect data and local experiences of living in environments impacted by Climate Change. Discourses about Climate Change usually revolves around abstract figures and future scenarios somewhere between fatalism and blind faith in human innovation. This limited understanding combined with the increasing detachment of our everyday lives from their socio-ecological foundations makes experiencing Climate Change seemingly impossible. The overall project focuses on listening to the stories. It is about learning from each other to adapt and overcome the challenges posed by changing environments. It is about relaying and connecting stories together to create a better understanding of complex phenomena. It is about bringing people together to form bonds of cooperation and solidarity. www.climatewalk.eu


Bildung 17. März 2021


Un–tragbar ist eine Ausstellung über Kleidungskonsum und Wegwerfmode. Sie informiert über die Folgen der Fast-Fashion-Industrie und zeigt alternative Lösungen und neue Ansätze. Die Ausstellung wird als hybrides Vermittlungsformat konzipiert, in dem die Vorteile aus dem Analogen und Digitalen genutzt und miteinander verknüpft werden. Zugeschnitten auf Schulen und genau die Menschen, für die Mode besonders wichtig ist – und die die Welt von morgen mitgestalten: Schüler*innen ab 12 Jahren. Im virtuellen Raum findet so die Wissensvermittlung statt – in der realen Welt die Auseinandersetzung mit dem persönlichen Umgang mit Kleidung. Tipps für einen alternativen Kleidungskonsum sind natürlich auch dabei. Ziel des Projekts ist es, über die Folgen der Fast-Fashion-Industrie zu informieren und allen Jugendlichen Mut zu machen, beim eigenen Kleiderkasten mit einem Umdenken zu beginnen. Als Startschuss für das Projekt, wurde eine Crowdfunding Kampagne über Startnext gestartet. Ka...


Bildung 12. März 2021