10. Juni 2021, 11:31

Ilithyia von

Hi! We are a group of Israeli and Palestinian Students from an organization called MEET in Israel. Our project is a discreet, multilingual, professionally sourced sex ed app. In our country, many teenagers don't have access to proper sex ed, if its because of the cultural and religious barriers, or simply because it isn't taught properly at schools. While anyone can go on the internet and look up some questions, not all the answers will be correct, and some may even be harmful. Our App will tackle the informational problem by using professionals as our sources, will be multilingual so that anyone no matter their language may understand it, and discreet - so that no one will be outed or put in danger. To top it all off, we plan to include gamification and "modern" ways of conveying the information (videos, games, memes, jokes) in addition to the more traditional paragraphs and articles.
There may be many apps and books on Sexual Education, but very few are By Teenagers For Teenagers. We are.


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