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5. Mai 2021, 13:08

We want to introduce ourselves as a team of people who have” courage to dream.” A dream of bringing sustainable happiness to people as a HappyPeople, and experiencing the NEW and be prepared for transformation in a sustainable way. Peter, as a Transformation Expert with full-time time donation. He is Viennese and active as a philanthropic advisor, an ambassador for transformation with joy. Claudia - is Viennese, mother of two children and self-employed - and as a Talent Expert has the courage to contribute 8 hours of her time. Kamran comes from Iran and contributes three days a week to the common good as a Social Sustainability Business Expert - also part-time donation.

As a matter of fact, our inner child made a lot of experiences, conflicts, insecurity, loneliness, et. This makes our world fragile, our JobWorld, Relationship with Family and Friends, Health, Financial Situation, Future of the Children, Social Responsibility, Environment, and Mission and Vision have been affected just with one hit.

So, we strongly believe in that, it’s a time for experiencing NEW...NEW in case of Knowing Ourselves and Learning - HappyLearning. NEW in case of Cooperation and teamwork – HappyMoments, NEW in case of efficiency – HappyDoing. NEW in case of experiencing Sustainable Happiness – HappyPeople. NEW in case of NEW relationships – HappyVillage.

We developed our NEW Innovative Sustainable Happiness Program “With the PEOPLE, Through the PEOPLE, For the PEOPLE.”

After a long journey, building our HappyTeam and HappyFounders, finding HappyInvestors, strengthening our content with university research, and support from HappyCompanions and experts, our NEW Innovative Sustainable Happiness “based on Team Building and Cooperation,” begins with: HappyLearing through Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem, and Self-Responsibility by NEW – iTransform Mobile App, and through readiness and trust in transformation providing NEW JobProfile based on innovation, talents and competences in professional world in form of HappyMoments and HappyDoing and make it sustainable by HappyCoins that focuses on equal opportunities for all with different abilities as we provide it based on Time-Donation not Money, and transformation as a HappyPeople regard to Positively Thinking, Positively Speaking, Positively Doing, Being Grateful, Being Helpful, Looking Forward to Tomorrow, Solve Problems as Challenges, and Live in the Now.

The NEW future – our HappyVillage based on Sustainable Happiness.


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