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Zikaron BaSalon

10. Juni 2021, 18:35

Zikaron BaSalon is a new Israeli initiative commemorating the Holocaust that shifts the responsibility of Holocaust remembrance to every one of us. In the last decade, hundreds of thousands of gatherings took place, simultaneously.
Each Zikaron BaSalon is unique but includes testimony from a survivor, an expressive part and a discussion seeking to learn from the history for our future - more than ever before.
Unfortunately, the Holocaust is becoming an irrelevant and distant memory especially with the number of survivors declining each day.
Zikaron BaSalon initiative brings the memory of the Holocaust into our homes, our hearts, bringing new meaning and inviting our society, from all sectors and all ages, to take an active part and participate in the preservation of the Holocaust for future generations.
Zikaron BaSalon allows everyone to join a new Israeli tradition, in which over 1.5 million people take part in 55 countries globally.


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Bildung, Weiteres

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