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The WOW Dinner - We bring the World to the table

24. April 2021, 23:57

What is the problem?
The problem is that women and girls are still on the side line in the tech world around the globe. In the workplace, events, in daily life.
Although things are improving the numbers of the UN and Unicef proof that there is still a lot of work to do for the coming years.

Who are we ?
The WOW Dinner is a Global Organization that is based in the Netherlands. It started initially as a one time event, but, after the first edition sold out edition was a huge success we as founders decided to continue. The WOW Dinner started as an organization to promote women in the tech industry, but, grew out to an organization that successfully promote, engage and create opportunities for both women, men, lgtbq in the tech industry.

What we are doing new ?
We organize networking dinners in partnership with or around big events around the world. Our networking dinners are personal and have this atmosphere that is unique for our organization and where it stands for. We have people from all walks of life attending our dinner and that is how intented. For us it so importanted that we keep that special atmosphere. We invite students for free so they have a network when they leave University, School.

We create oppertunities for our network and Partners and work with other organizations on events. We do Trade Missions and help to connect people. We are an open network and don t have memberships or a platform. The WOW Dinner connects on personal level.

As Organization we don´t get huge funding and that makes us creative in our solutions.


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Wirtschaft, Technologie

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