AM Technology - Airlite

28. März 2022, 21:35

Airlite is an air purification technology that can be applied like a paint. It purifies the air thanks to the negative ions that neutralize pollutants when they come into contact with the wall, fighting molds, bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Using 100 sqm of Airlite is equivalent to planting 100 sqm of trees, so it helps reducing pollution: 100 sqm of Airlite eliminate 21,39 Euro 6 petrol cars in 12 hours. Moreover, it keeps spaces fresh when applied to external walls and roofs thanks to its solar reflectance property, cooling interiors up to 29% during summer and reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs up to 50%. Airlite is produced in powder form, saving 40% in weight during transport, so it produces 40% less CO2 than any other traditional paint for the same surface area applied, with a significant positive impact on the environment. Airlite has the highest number of international certifications in its field, like CradleToCradle Gold, Friendly Materials and Green Seal.


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