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Egyptian strikes on IS targets in Libya / Two men charged over Copenhagen attacks / Tensions still high in Ukraine / Crisis talks on the Greek bailout / Italy rescues 2,000 migrants / The UN warns Yemen´s Houthis / The weather


Egyptian strikes on IS targets in Libya

The Egyptian military says it has carried out air strikes on jihadist targets in neighbouring Libya after fighters allied to the Islamic State group executed 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt. A video emerged on Sunday showing a group of captured migrant workers being forced to the ground and decapitated. Egypt has renewed calls for the US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria to confront the Islamic State in Libya.

Two men charged over Copenhagen attacks

Danish police have charged two men with helping the gunman behind the deadly weekend attacks in Copenhagen. A film director was killed at a seminar promoting free speech and a security guard was shot dead outside a Synagogue. Five other people were wounded. The suspected gunman, named by Danish media as 22-year-old Omar El-Hussein, was killed in a shootout with police. His motive remains unclear. Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard: "Of course we need to ensure that we do whatever we can to prevent actions like this and we will certainly do so. On the other hand we shouldn´t let the terrorists determine our lives and decide how we should live it."

Tensions still high in Ukraine

Observers from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe are to try again to reach the besieged Ukrainian town of Debaltseve, where fighting has continued despite a ceasefire which came into effect at midnight on Saturday. They were denied access to the strategic transport hub by pro-Russian separatists on Sunday. Ukraine says it´s not prepared to withdraw heavy weapons as stipulated by the Minsk agreement because of ceasefire violations.

Crisis talks on the Greek bailout

Finance ministers from the Eurogroup meet in Brussels later today, as efforts continue to find common ground with Greece's new government on the country´s bailout programme. Greece has said it´s confident that agreement can be reached with its euro zone partners. But it reiterated it would not accept harsh austerity conditions. The current bailout package expires on February 28.

Italy rescues 2,000 migrants

The Italian coastguard has reportedly rescued more than 2,000 migrants in a major operation off the Libyan coast. According to local media, the migrants had been aboard 12 dinghies which ran into trouble during bad weather.

The UN warns Yemen´s Houthis

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution demanding that Shia Houthi rebels immediately cede power in Yemen. The Houthis have controlled the capital Sanaa since September and dissolved parliament earlier this month. The UN has warned that Yemen is quote "collapsing".

The weather

Mostly sunny but some persistent mist or fog in the west, cloud in the south, Föhn conditions in the mountains. Top temperatures from 0 to plus 13.