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Shooting outside Muhammad caricature event / Anti-racism protest in Tel Aviv / Italy rescues over 6000 migrants / Nepal bans large aid planes / Cameron again promises EU vote / Taiwan and China hold top level talks / German train strike / The weather


Shooting outside Muhammad caricature event

Police in Texas in the United States have shot dead two gunmen who opened fire outside an exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad. The anti-Islam American Freedom Defense Initiative had put on the event in the Dallas suburb of Garland, and invited the Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders to speak. The identities of the gunmen have yet to be released. The Mayor of Garland Douglas Athas described the incident: “The first suspect was shot immediately. The second suspect was shot and wounded, reached for his backpack and of course officers, not knowing what was in the backpack, shot him again and he was killed.” A security guard wounded by the gunmen has been released from hospital.

Anti-racism protest in Tel Aviv

In Israel, police have used tear gas and stun grenades to break up an anti-racism protest by ethnic Ethiopians in Tel Aviv. The protest was sparked by a video clip that emerged last week showing policemen shoving and punching an ethnic Ethiopian soldier. At least 56 officers and 12 protesters were injured at the demonstration.

Italy rescues over 6000 migrants

The Italian coastguard has coordinated one of its largest rescue operations in the Mediterranean yet, saving over 6000 migrants during the weekend. Ten bodies were recovered. The European Union Triton operation rescued over 200 migrants and arrested two suspected people smugglers.

Nepal bans large aid planes

Nepal has banned large planes carrying aid for victims of last month’s devastating earthquake from landing at Kathmandu airport, saying damage to the runway could force the airport’s closure. The United States has sent troops and special aircraft to Nepal to deliver relief to remote areas yet to receive help.

Cameron again promises EU vote

British Prime Minister, David Cameron has again promised to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the European Union and hold a referendum on membership by the end of 2017, if his Conservative party is returned to power after the general election on Thursday. The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats oppose a referendum while the UK Independence Party say Cameron's promise doesn't go far enough.

Taiwan and China hold top level talks

China’s president Xi Jinping and the head of Taiwan's ruling Nationalist party Eric Chu have held talks in Beijing, the highest level meeting between the two countries in six years. Chu reaffirmed his party's support for eventual unification with the mainland, an increasingly controversial position in Taiwan.

German train strike

Germany's GDL train drivers' union has called a strike until next Sunday, starting with freight trains today and extending to passenger traffic from tomorrow. The dispute with Deutsche Bahn is over pay and negotiating rights.

The weather

Changeable with scattered thundershowers over much of the country. Some sunny spells especially in the south east. Top temperatures 18 to 26 degrees.