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9. August 2021, 19:13

My name is Marta Kluba. I am a design graduate from Poland. I have played the violin since I was a
child. As an adult, I have been looking to connect music, new technology and design, trying to channel
people's thinking into climate issues. In my work I try to put emphasize on climate changes and the
power of nature which can change people's lives and make them much happier. First, I have designed
an instrument for plants, Fasola si do. It is a wooden box with metal wires, containing electronics. The
instrument is programmed to play violin sounds for plants. For my master deegre project I have designed
a modular installation, Plantstation, where I cooperated with a music composer, scientists, craftsmen and
an IT programmer. Having obtained sponsorship helped me to bring the project into effect and create a
working prototype of the installation. To me, music is an enormous, exciting and emotional medium.
Combined with new technology, music can create extensive possibilites, transferring ideas and missions.
My works are groundbreaking in terms of instruments dedicated to plants.


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Kultur, Technologie

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