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Volunteer Management

30. März 2021, 17:38

• Who we are?

Volunteer Management “Equilibrium” project that helps to search for the balance between helping yourself and others.

Since 2015, we have been developing and improving the Volunteer Management training course for non-profit organizations.

15+ years of practical experience in volunteer management
20+ author training courses
500+ participants from different parts of Ukraine
50+ organizations
500+ volunteer ideas and projects

• What is the problem?

The number of volunteers and social initiatives in Ukraine have significantly increased after 2014 (because of the war and Maidan revolution).
Mainly, it had a very chaotic coordination based on intuition rather than on a structural and organized approach in volunteer management.
It's very difficult to keep volunteers long term motivated if organizations do not have knowledge how to develop volunteer management programs and to work with volunteer groups sustainably.

What are you doing that’s new/different?

Beside volunteer management structure and stages, our program for volunteer coordinators is very much focused on human relationships and developing heart to heart connection in groups.
Conflict resolution, the principles of nonviolent communication, and decision making that meet the needs of both volunteers and organizations.
Emotional burnout is a topic where we specifically pay attention - being able to help and sustain yourself, volunteers already helping the world. Emotionally burnt out volunteer/volunteer coordinator cannot help anyone and as a result needs the support of others. So it is very important to be conscious of one’s emotional and physical states and have tools how to care for yourself and not to let burnout happen.


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