Bildung, Klimainnovation

Trash Rage

12. Mai 2021, 11:33

We are Giant Lazer - Polish VR/AR developer studio specialized in educational applications. Our own project - Trash Rage was created as a response to a problem of waste overflow in terms of recycling.

The project started as an arcade VR game for HTC Vive dedicated to young curious minds. It allows users to visit the post-apocalyptic Earth, polluted and ruled by evil machines. As time has passed, we understood that the issue needs much more inclusive coverage.

That’s why we are now working on the mobile AR game - the continuation and much deeper representation of modern ecological issues. Trash Rage AR covers the problem of waste overflow in the oceans, as well as wildlife endangerment represented by the sea turtles. We believe that through AR, we can educate people about this issue.


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Bildung, Klimainnovation

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