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Sister Mary

10. Juni 2021, 12:51

Who are you?
Sister Mary is the very first company, which provides sustainable services for film and TV projects in Russia.

What's the problem?
CO2 emissions from the production of one feature film can be compared to the emissions of one small city of 20,000 citizens.

What are you doing that’s new/different?
That is why for over a decade around the world green film alliances have been formed, emissions studies are being conducted, guides for sustainable filming are being produced, sustainability managers are hired for film projects and in big production studios, work systems are planned to create carbon-neutral projects. There is no such activity in Russia. We (Sister Mary) are starting it now, in 2021.

Our website features are fully-functional for filmmakers in Russia. It is available for everyone who visits our website. We adapted all the best practices from all over the world to Russian reality and added some local ideas for our audience.


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Klimainnovation, Kultur

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