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7. Juni 2021, 13:00

InovaYa von

InovaYa is a French startup that was created in 2018 by Khaled Al Mezayen, Justine Vidil and Guillaume Lonchamp after a fruitful encounter in Romania. Their ambition: changing the paradigm of the world of water by offering alternative and responsible filtration solutions to improve universal access to drinking water and preserve water resources.
After seven years of R&D initiated in Romania, they have created a disruptive technology: the unYo®. This innovation, which combines ultrafiltration and adsorbent filters, can treat all sources of fresh water and provide drinking water to communities of 500 to 20,000 inhabitants. It is a patented system which has many benefits. As it adapts to the field, it also can respond to other issues such as the treatment of industrial effluents and the reuse of water.


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Technologie, Klimainnovation

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