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10. April 2021, 15:36

- I am Nazgol Sobhani 21years old studying Painting at Art university of Tehran
- Unicef painting Competition {2014} Gold price
- Nominate for other Local and Foreign Art Competitions 2016-2018
What makes me to feel safe? what makes me to stay in one place and what makes me to leave? My Home

Ongoing project 1: Home-cloth
what are my experiences if I don’t have to go back to my safe space in specific location? I have it wearable in my day to day life.

Ongoing project 2: Re-home
To understand future and how it builds we need to feel that it all depends on our ways of connection and relations to each other.
Our ways of thinking build our ways to future.
it’s about safe space which isolate us in order to feel. Feel each other.

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Kultur, Soziales

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