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17. Oktober 2021, 21:22

What is the problem?
A few months ago, I sat down with a few of my friends to watch a football game. In the half-time we decided to order some sushi, each one of us picked 2-3 rolls and once we were done eating we realised how much trash we were leaving behind us - there were 57 different single-used items in that order alone. We had to throw away napkins, plastic utensils, boxes, sauces and other papers just because we couldn’t use them in our next order.
We did some research and realised that this phenomenon is much bigger than we expected - in the EU alone we use over 2 billion takeaway containers each year. Your carbon footprint grows by 450% if you spend more than 60€ on takeaway each week and almost half of the plastics in the ocean can be linked to takeout foods.

Who are we?
We are the “green list”, an organisation based in Jerusalem (yet working mostly in Tel Aviv) that connects restaurants in order to help them fulfill a better and greener model of food deliveries.
We work with restaurants by providing them a connection to a network of green restaurants that use reusable containers to pack their deliveries. We give them our boxes and allow their customers to return their boxes to whichever restaurant they wish within the network - making it easier and faster to return the reusable boxes. We also provide the restaurants with access to our social media and future apps, helping them to drive more customers who wish to make a change to their restaurants and coffee shops.

What are we doing that's new or different?
Every day we hear about some new environmental record being broken - July of 2021 for example, was the hottest month to ever be measured on earth. Sadly, he was only breaking the historic records that were set in 2020, 2019 and 2016.
Our idea isn’t completely new - many restaurants tried to move to a greener model of deliveries throughout the years and yet many failed - maybe because it wasn’t the right time and maybe because they weren’t connected to the right people.
We are coming in a time where people are ready and willing to make a change - a change for a better world should come from the people and we believe there will never be a time as good as 2021.
We provide the restaurants with connections to other restaurants in their area and use the benefits of our smartphones create a strong, bold and clear community in social media - a community of people who are willing to help and support the environment.

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