Kultur, Soziales


16. März 2021, 12:44

Musician Stergin’s newest project is an artistic initiative of promoting empathy & listening to each other in our ever so divided societies. Very personal conversations with people who live within 1 mi2 of the artist will inspire new musical compositions.

In the past 20 years our societies are drifting further apart.The endless stream of information & misinformation on our devices makes it harder & harder to distinguish what is what. Sometimes it seems that everything has lost its meaning.

The goal is to grow the project & find musicians/artists in each country of the planet who will follow the same process: interview someone in their own mi2 & create an artistic reaction to it. All these interviews & creations will then be shared on a website & then turned into a travelling exhibition.

1 mi2 I willl send a positive message from and into our communities and promote listening to each other and empathy. This starts in front of our own front doors.

Website: http://www.onesquaremile.eu

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Kultur, Soziales

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