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ACT - Artificial Climate Tower

28. Juli 2021, 16:21

The tower promotes a contextual shift away from current dependence, provoking a polyvalent interior-habitat where prevailing exterior conditions are not the predominant context anymore.

A building, acting between climate-zones, boasts an architecture of gradients. Away from the classical international style of the past 100years. Away from buildings you could place everywhere in the world and towards a local identity again.

Doha does face the threat to surpass the liveable threshold by already 2071. Therefore, Doha is to be understood as prototypical forerunner of what climate change calls in the near future also for Europe.

Since we are able to restore the richness of natural climates inside - with human, non-human and nature as its center. I am convinced that the transitioning of climate- zones, is going to play a major role, in how we orient future building strategies and re-code the term “contemporary” architecture. This consequently sets production of climate and the built environment back into a major architectural discourse of metabolism, and the UR-thought of shelter.


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Klimainnovation, Kultur

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