Climate Walk by the Wanderers of changing Worlds

17. März 2021, 11:35

The Climate Walk is a research, education and media-art project. It is about walking across Europe from Norway to Portugal to collect data and local experiences of living in environments impacted by Climate Change.

Discourses about Climate Change usually revolves around abstract figures and future scenarios somewhere between fatalism and blind faith in human innovation. This limited understanding combined with the increasing detachment of our everyday lives from their socio-ecological foundations makes experiencing Climate Change seemingly impossible.

The overall project focuses on listening to the stories. It is about learning from each other to adapt and overcome the challenges posed by changing environments. It is about relaying and connecting stories together to create a better understanding of complex phenomena. It is about bringing people together to form bonds of cooperation and solidarity.


Audio: Climate Walk

Reparatur der Zukunft - Klimainnovation