Kultur, Bildung

interdisciplinary methods in Art, Fashion, Design

15. April 2021, 10:38

I couldn’t find my place, not only affected by the challenges inherent in where I live but also by the problem in labeling art media. However, this uncertainty led me to a variety of experiences & now as creative director I realized the importance of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary exercises. I learned the importance of methodology which defined my art. Now, my attempt is to customize personal methods based on the project & each individual's approach. I believe the future is when media are in the service of thought & ideas.
I combined design thinking approaches, fashion & art project’s process, like a combination of experience design & art event, or 4D design’s method & score in the choreographic process. I would love to spend my time observing, collecting & spreading various methods. I want to highlight the importance of learning methods & approaches, the potential of finding innovative ways in customizing artistic methods.


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Kultur, Bildung

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