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Dancing Trees

28. April 2021, 19:02

The Project Dancing Trees attempts to answer the question of what artists and theatre makers can do to sensitize the community to respond to one of the greatest crises that humanity has ever faced: the crisis of disappearance of a healthy living environment whose direct symptoms are climate change and one of the main causes of it- deforestation. Dancing Trees is a project which consists of dance theatre production and set of activities.

DAH Theatre's production will take place in the open air —at the Student Park in Belgrade. The production is a poetic way to engage the importance of forest protection, without which our living conditions are deteriorating daily. Seven actors/dancers will perform in it, while the original music score will be created by a renowned composer, Ivana Stefanovic. This project aims to sensitize the audience and incite civil initiatives that will stop excessive tree cutting that we are witnessing as of lately.


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Kultur, Klimainnovation

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