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desire de paragüas

13. März 2021, 22:11

My name is Raphael Miro Holzer. I am a performer, choreographer and dance pedagogue based in Barcelona. My artistic vision focuses on his interest in exploring the role of language in contemporary dance and how to combine dance with other cultural expressions as well I am continuously working on my BLUEPRINT mythology. In 2021 I established the dancetheater company vanholzer which serves as a platform for my choreographic works.

One possible definition of choreography is to write to people.
“Chorus” The people in the greek tragedies which were commenting on the main characters.
It's also the idea of circular and line dancing which is strongly related to the word politics, how we organise cities and the commun space.
All of this is enbetted into the dni of choreography.
It's our most powerful and at the same time fragile tool.

The piece shows us the journey of four dancers and relates the possible definition of choreography. Their first steps of the dancers will invite the audience to witness the creation of a piece. Each decision of the dancers effect the structure and change the space between them, their journey has begun.
The public will witness that each individual is responsible for the changes in a culture. The composition in space serves as a symbol for our society. We are more than ever, connected and globalised in this pragmatic and mostly just functional new post-covid reality; in which we find an overwhelming lack of poetry.
We believe that language has a great power, and being poetry not more than the use of language per love to language itself, we understand dance could be movement per love to movement itself. Generating a love code in opposition to the cold and non poetical atmosphere surrounding us nowadays. Our proposal is a corporal poetic code through our empathy and sensibility (which they seem to be demolished). This piece aims to show visually the game we are constantly playing, how we affect each other, how one movement transitions into the other and one dancer exchanges the rhythm of the other. Knowledge transfer in its purest form.

desire de paragüas

“Dance is facilitating this journey across surrealistic landscapes.
Perhaps, in the background rain or desire. “

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Kultur, Soziales

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