Fixing the Future
Fixing the Future
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BIT.BIO.BOT contributes to questioning and re-designing some of the logics which led us to the current health crisis. If we, collectively, daily and locally, will contribute to transforming air pollutants and water contaminants into highly nutritious aliments, there will be fewer opportunities for unbalanced viral ecologies to exploit unsustainable food supply chains and polluted atmospheres to reach our organism and cause us harm.

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Other 8. November 2021

EcoClipper - Sustainable Shipping & Travel

EcoClipper is a sail cargo company that plans to build a fleet of innovative sailing ships. These vessels will transport cargo, passengers and trainees on four shipping lines around the world. Currently, the team is working on a financial campaign to build the EcoClipper500 prototype, the first ship of the series. It will have space for 500 tonnes of cargo, as well as 12 passengers and 36 trainees. The ship will also be engineless to ensure maximum sustainability. Currently, maritime shipping accounts for over 900 million tonnes of C02 per year and is responsible for around 2.5% of global greenhouse gases emissions. Despite some attempts to curb these emissions, the industry has been slow to make any distinctive changes to how these vessels operate. Some companies are testing alternative fuels and solar and wind power designs. However, sail technology has been proven for thousands of years as a reliable form of propulsion. As decisions need to be made, EcoClipper believ...

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Other 16. März 2021

For more sanitation solutions

The proposal of SOMOS ECUADOR aims to strengthen the technical and organizational capacities of the population to improve their conditions of access to sanitation, under criteria of equity and sustainability. According to the latest Ecuador census (2010), 46.4% of houses do not have sewerage and many municipalities do not treat the wastewater. The experience about ecological sanitation in the community of Chamanga, located on the north coast of Ecuador, is motivating because shows the value of promoting innovative solutions based on community management. We believe it is an experience that could be replicated and scaled up in order to generate a greater impact in other areas of the country, thereby reducing water pollution and facilitating access to adequate sanitation for low-income families.

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Other 18. März 2021

Leonardo CripTech incubator

CripTech Incubator is an art and technology fellowship for disability innovation. Encompassing residencies, workshops, presentations, publication and education, this innovation incubator creates a platform for disabled artists to engage and remake creative technologies through the lens of accessibility. Employing a broad understanding of technologies, including prosthetic tools, neural networks, software and the built environment, CripTech Incubator reimagines enshrined notions of how a body-mind can move, look, communicate.

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Other 1. Mai 2021

Music for All

The main issues that the project wanted to tackle are insufficient cultural cooperation among young people in the Western Balkan region and lack of motivation to get to know culture and society of neighboring countries. Also the project wanted to encourage participants to get to know the musical heritage, culture and history of other nations, to create space for mutual learning and cultural cooperation young people with disabilities from Serbia and young people from Albania through active participation in music workshops and performance. An innovative part of the project is the use of technology to include young people with disabilities in the cultural life of the community and thus encourage them to participate in other aspects of life and overcome social barriers and prejudices.

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Other 21. Mai 2021

One world / we are all human beings

Fixing the future means fixing the people. Together, we are many. We will start with the children. Passing by world united hospitals, art places, food banks and many other fields. How to fix the world, starts here and now.

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Other 10. April 2021

Rice for Architecture

Ricehouse was set up in 2016 by Tiziana Monterisi, architect, and Alessio Colombo, geologist, in order to follow their passion and ethics for promoting responsible change in society by means of their job. Ricehouse represents an example of circular economy, which aims to promote natural architecture by enhancing by-products of rice processing. The Company proposes new housing models as an alternative to the traditional ones, whose materials are from petrochemical origin. “Our architecture moves towards a cultural, technical and deeply committed transformation of territory and building: house is a living system”. Along with Tiziana’s experience using bio-based materials, it was clear the awareness that a critical problem for agricultural sector could represent an opportunity into the architectural world: less waste and new materials to face the high energy consumption in the construction sector. We offer building products and innovative solutions by using rice husk and rice by-products.

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Other 21. April 2022

The Map of Solutions

Mutmacherei is an association that wants to inspire a positive vision of our future by showcasing examples of best practice. One way we do this is with the Map of Solutions – a data base in the form of a fully clickable, bilingual mind map that provides an entirely new way of visualising content. It is not only a source of information, but also a possible infrastructure for other organisations that want to fix the future. Website: Map of Solutions: and for full screen mode: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: LinkedIn:

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Other 25. März 2021

Zikaron BaSalon

Zikaron BaSalon is a new Israeli initiative commemorating the Holocaust that shifts the responsibility of Holocaust remembrance to every one of us. In the last decade, hundreds of thousands of gatherings took place, simultaneously. Each Zikaron BaSalon is unique but includes testimony from a survivor, an expressive part and a discussion seeking to learn from the history for our future - more than ever before. Unfortunately, the Holocaust is becoming an irrelevant and distant memory especially with the number of survivors declining each day. Zikaron BaSalon initiative brings the memory of the Holocaust into our homes, our hearts, bringing new meaning and inviting our society, from all sectors and all ages, to take an active part and participate in the preservation of the Holocaust for future generations. Zikaron BaSalon allows everyone to join a new Israeli tradition, in which over 1.5 million people take part in 55 countries globally.

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Other 10. Juni 2021


I am Ahmed, a student at the faculty of Law in Cairo, I am a writer of short stories, poetry and storytelling. The problem I am talking about is the "problems of refugees in the host countries." I am organizing workshops and events to talk about their problems, fears and hopes, and tell their inspiring stories to the world by publishing them in brochures and books with illustrations. One workshop every year, ten refugees attend each workshop with the help of 3 facilitators, two of whom participate online because they are refugees in Germany and Austria. Performances are organized in several centers, such as the Goethe-Institut in Cairo and the Jusoor Center of All Saints' Cathedral. All participate by filling out an electronic form, and for a seven days, we share with everyone their stories and organize a storytelling show, then for a month we organize an exhibition of illustrations..

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Other 28. Juli 2021