Grafik eines Kopfes, aus dem Ideen sprühen



The award winners

A jury has selected 18 projects to receive coaching and mentoring activities.

63 projects met the criteria of the casting of new ideas, focusing on climate innovation in Europe. That is 80 percent of the submissions for the OE1 initiative Fixing the Future. Projects from more than 10 countries are on our interactive map. Given the wide range of innovative ideas, it was not easy for the jury to make a choice.

These are the winning projects and their sponsors for coaching, presentations, and training programmes:

Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs

The Directorate for International Cultural Affairs invites six projects from Austria and one project from South Tirol to the Austrian Cultural Forums abroad for matching and mentoring activities:

Four international projects are invited to Austria by the Directorate for International Cultural Affairs to the innovation festival Market of the Future. They will receive the newly created Climate Innovation Award for international projects/designers and prize money of EUR 2000 each:

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Knowledge Transfer Centre

Three projects were selected for the Crowdfunder HUB training programme:

Market of the Future Graz

Four projects from Austria take part in the innovation festival and are coached by a team of experts from University of Technology Graz: