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Fixing the Future
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Musician Stergin’s newest project is an artistic initiative of promoting empathy & listening to each other in our ever so divided societies. Very personal conversations with people who live within 1 mi2 of the artist will inspire new musical compositions. In the past 20 years our societies are drifting further apart.The endless stream of information & misinformation on our devices makes it harder & harder to distinguish what is what. Sometimes it seems that everything has lost its meaning. The goal is to grow the project & find musicians/artists in each country of the planet who will follow the same process: interview someone in their own mi2 & create an artistic reaction to it. All these interviews & creations will then be shared on a website & then turned into a travelling exhibition. 1 mi2 I willl send a positive message from and into our communities and promote listening to each other and empathy. This starts in front of our own front doors. Website: http://www.on...

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Culture 16. März 2021

A Migration program to revitalize rural villages

Before the Pandemic, 6 million people were migrating to cities each month. The result is often social crisis and chaos in many of the world’s cities. Focused on the solution of this crisis we created ES VICIS Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, whose goal is to foster sustainable and planned migration to rural towns and villages, to support their revitalization and empowerment, and ultimately to create thriving communities. Our "Welcome to my Village" program was designed to unlock the potential of small, rural towns and villages. It features three pillars: Welcome, Business, Home. You can join our efforts by watching and sharing this video and supporting the ES VICIS Foundation. BE THE CHANGE.

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Social 19. März 2021

AM Technology - Airlite

Airlite is an air purification technology that can be applied like a paint. It purifies the air thanks to the negative ions that neutralize pollutants when they come into contact with the wall, fighting molds, bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Using 100 sqm of Airlite is equivalent to planting 100 sqm of trees, so it helps reducing pollution: 100 sqm of Airlite eliminate 21,39 Euro 6 petrol cars in 12 hours. Moreover, it keeps spaces fresh when applied to external walls and roofs thanks to its solar reflectance property, cooling interiors up to 29% during summer and reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs up to 50%. Airlite is produced in powder form, saving 40% in weight during transport, so it produces 40% less CO2 than any other traditional paint for the same surface area applied, with a significant positive impact on the environment. Airlite has the highest number of international certifications in its field, like CradleToCradle Gold, Friendly Materials and Green Seal.

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Climate Innovation 28. März 2022


We are a group of Palestinian and Israeli students in “MEET” program working together and developing an app that helps sexual assault victims. This app will start voice recording your surroundings when you say a certain word by your choice, in addition to sending an SOS message to 3 phone numbers. If you find yourself in a situation where you have been sexually assaulted, you just have to say your word, and you'll have recorded evidence against your offender, helping you report them to the police. The app also offers the victims the ability to share their experiences and support each other. And it also offers educational videos, articles, and lectures about sexual harassment, how to defend yourself, and information on emergency hotlines for victims of sexual assault.

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Social 10. Juni 2021

Artificial Museum

Our mission is to create, procure, research, distribute, and preserve digitized art of a wide variety of artistic fields. At its core, the *Artificial Museum* challenges the status quo and creates new perspectives of the term museum, rethinking the questions ’what is art?’ and ‘who perceives it’. There are more artworks by dead men stored in museums than can be exhibited. What remains is the virtual, imaginary area, in which there is also an almost infinite amount of space. Instead of continuing to practice the status quo of art in “temporary used” spaces, we decided to just use the space between the worlds on a permanent and self-determined basis, as an experimental playground for reawakening imagination in public space. We resolve this through a decentralized platform using *AR technology* in public space, making gps-anchored artifacts accessible to everyone, both at home and abroad. Our 'building' is based on public participation that can inscribe itself anywhere an...

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Culture 6. August 2021

B Corp School

InVento Lab is a B Corp that strives to tackle sustainability challenges by engaging younger generations and companies into becoming changemakers. Among our main programmes, B Corp School exemplifies the work we do in bridging the gap between the world of business and of education to foster a sustainable regeneration. B Corp School students are guided in the development of skills on sustainable entrepreneurship and in the development of a B Startup which tackles a specific environmental challenge by using business as a force for good. In the process, students are supported by B Corps and mentors from the sustainability field.Thanks to these projects, schools and businesses join forces in developing sustainable solutions to today’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. At the same time, students develop crucial skills and know-how, becoming tomorrow’s Changemakers and the projects contribute to raise awareness among the business community and engage companies to do bet...

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Climate Innovation 1. Juni 2022


We are the group of young enthusiasts from Ukraine, Norway, Belgium and Italy, who want to create a digital social platform to connect mentors and mentees over their passions and interests. We want to facilitate the opportunity to share one's passion by creating a passion-sharing platform. We noticed that during the lockdown a lot of people suffer from the lack of communication. That’s why we wanted to provide an opportunity for socialising safely. Our project creates a unique platform for collecting experiences, knowledge and passions and sharing it with others. In order to kickstart the platform by 1st of September 2022, we want to find 15 mentors by the 1st of August 2022 to host at least one mentorship programme/session on their passion and interests by the 30th of September 2022. Contact:

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Social 26. Oktober 2021


BIT.BIO.BOT contributes to questioning and re-designing some of the logics which led us to the current health crisis. If we, collectively, daily and locally, will contribute to transforming air pollutants and water contaminants into highly nutritious aliments, there will be fewer opportunities for unbalanced viral ecologies to exploit unsustainable food supply chains and polluted atmospheres to reach our organism and cause us harm.

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Other 8. November 2021

BioFluff — plant based fur

BioFluff is developing the first 100% plant-based fur to help fashion brands replace animal fur and plastic fur. As a B2B business we are combining green plant-fiber technology with century-old tanning legacy to create a new and sustainable material. Currently there is no sustainable fur on the market and the fashion industry has a lot of momentum to position itself in a sustainable and innovative way. Our team is composed of a female founder from India working currently in the USA on BioFluff and a male Austrian founder currently working from Italy. After creating our first prototype in early 2021, we both quit our jobs and bootstrapped. Many fashion luxury brands (Balenciaga, Prada, Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Armani) dropped fur over the past 5 years and are now dependent on plastic fur. We are planning on taking advantage of this positive momentum to implement our environmentally friendly product.

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Climate Innovation 28. April 2022

Caring Infrastructures- “Catalog of Possibilities”

Investing the potential of the public space, during the pandemic and beyond. This is an exhibition dealing with the public space during which we lunched a “CALL FOR IDEAS” for project realizations in Austria and Tel Aviv. Asking questions like: What is your idea for the resilient city of tomorrow? How can we use the public space collectively in this “NEW” normality? Which places can support us in taking care of each other? This project is a collaboration of feld72, the Liebling Haus, the Tel Aviv municipality and the Austrian cultural forum.

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Culture 14. März 2021


At Crea +, we have proposed to contribute to transforming society and building the country in which we want to live. And for this, we believe that our children must discover their talents and dedicate to what they are passionate about. In this way, they can grow up inspired, motivated and happy. For this reason and through 10 years, Crea + has had the mission of allowing children from vulnerable backgrounds to discover their talent and find their passion during their school years. To achieve this, we have built a professional volunteering program in which young people and adults donate their talents, hobbies and professions through face-to-face and virtual classes that they share with students from all over Peru. We want more children to believe in themselves to achieve their dreams. That moves us and has led us to offer more than 30 thousand free classes with 300 different themes such as mini engineers, mini chef, mini architects, singing, scientific experiments, veterinary ...

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Education 28. April 2021

Cross-Border Sound for Persons with Disabilities

The objective of the project was to foster cultural and art creation of young people with disabilities in the field of music, by using new technologies and enabling their active role in the cultural life of the community in the cross-border area. Implementation of the project was enable young people with disabilities a chance to actively participate in cultural and public events in their communities. They have become more visible and the project contributed to the creation of positive attitudes towards people with disabilities and removing of psychological and social barriers.The organized events and performances enhanced the participation of the person with disabilities in the life of their communities making them less subject to discrimination trying to solve some of their basic problems

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Culture 23. Mai 2021