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AM Technology - Airlite

Airlite is an air purification technology that can be applied like a paint. It purifies the air thanks to the negative ions that neutralize pollutants when they come into contact with the wall, fighting molds, bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Using 100 sqm of Airlite is equivalent to planting 100 sqm of trees, so it helps reducing pollution: 100 sqm of Airlite eliminate 21,39 Euro 6 petrol cars in 12 hours. Moreover, it keeps spaces fresh when applied to external walls and roofs thanks to its solar reflectance property, cooling interiors up to 29% during summer and reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs up to 50%. Airlite is produced in powder form, saving 40% in weight during transport, so it produces 40% less CO2 than any other traditional paint for the same surface area applied, with a significant positive impact on the environment. Airlite has the highest number of international certifications in its field, like CradleToCradle Gold, Friendly Materials and Green Seal.

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Climate Innovation 28. März 2022

B Corp School

InVento Lab is a B Corp that strives to tackle sustainability challenges by engaging younger generations and companies into becoming changemakers. Among our main programmes, B Corp School exemplifies the work we do in bridging the gap between the world of business and of education to foster a sustainable regeneration. B Corp School students are guided in the development of skills on sustainable entrepreneurship and in the development of a B Startup which tackles a specific environmental challenge by using business as a force for good. In the process, students are supported by B Corps and mentors from the sustainability field.Thanks to these projects, schools and businesses join forces in developing sustainable solutions to today’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. At the same time, students develop crucial skills and know-how, becoming tomorrow’s Changemakers and the projects contribute to raise awareness among the business community and engage companies to do bet...

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Climate Innovation 1. Juni 2022

BioFluff — plant based fur

BioFluff is developing the first 100% plant-based fur to help fashion brands replace animal fur and plastic fur. As a B2B business we are combining green plant-fiber technology with century-old tanning legacy to create a new and sustainable material. Currently there is no sustainable fur on the market and the fashion industry has a lot of momentum to position itself in a sustainable and innovative way. Our team is composed of a female founder from India working currently in the USA on BioFluff and a male Austrian founder currently working from Italy. After creating our first prototype in early 2021, we both quit our jobs and bootstrapped. Many fashion luxury brands (Balenciaga, Prada, Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Armani) dropped fur over the past 5 years and are now dependent on plastic fur. We are planning on taking advantage of this positive momentum to implement our environmentally friendly product.

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Climate Innovation 28. April 2022

Dancing Trees

The Project Dancing Trees attempts to answer the question of what artists and theatre makers can do to sensitize the community to respond to one of the greatest crises that humanity has ever faced: the crisis of disappearance of a healthy living environment whose direct symptoms are climate change and one of the main causes of it- deforestation. Dancing Trees is a project which consists of dance theatre production and set of activities. DAH Theatre's production will take place in the open air —at the Student Park in Belgrade. The production is a poetic way to engage the importance of forest protection, without which our living conditions are deteriorating daily. Seven actors/dancers will perform in it, while the original music score will be created by a renowned composer, Ivana Stefanovic. This project aims to sensitize the audience and incite civil initiatives that will stop excessive tree cutting that we are witnessing as of lately.

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Climate Innovation 28. April 2021

Danube Transformation Agency for Agency

DTAFA is an art group “in constant flux”, engaged to transform the relationship with the Danube. What could possible futures look like if we embrace the challenges we might face? What if we stopped trying to escape our misery, but rather decide to “stay with the trouble”? We decided to stay with the Danube! We are mapping the anticipated emergencies that the river might face in the future, producing experimental ‘solutions’: speculative maps, fish friendly swimming classes, underwater radios… Our experimental interactive forecast service “” reports on the status of the Anthropocene and sketches a variety of speculative futures. Come and swim with us at "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture 2022", if it won't be already too late, and Danube dries up.

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Climate Innovation 20. Dezember 2021

EcoClipper - Sustainable Shipping & Travel

EcoClipper is a sail cargo company that plans to build a fleet of innovative sailing ships. These vessels will transport cargo, passengers and trainees on four shipping lines around the world. Currently, the team is working on a financial campaign to build the EcoClipper500 prototype, the first ship of the series. It will have space for 500 tonnes of cargo, as well as 12 passengers and 36 trainees. The ship will also be engineless to ensure maximum sustainability. Currently, maritime shipping accounts for over 900 million tonnes of C02 per year and is responsible for around 2.5% of global greenhouse gases emissions. Despite some attempts to curb these emissions, the industry has been slow to make any distinctive changes to how these vessels operate. Some companies are testing alternative fuels and solar and wind power designs. However, sail technology has been proven for thousands of years as a reliable form of propulsion. As decisions need to be made, EcoClipper believ...

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Climate Innovation 16. März 2021


We are a Berlin-based start-up selling vegan condoms and organic period products. 50% of our profits are reinvested in fairstainability - to increase our positive impact (e.g. research on sustainable packaging, premium for farmers at the beginning of our value chain) and reduce the negative impact we have with our operations (e.g. CO2 footprint, plastic pollution). One major field of action is in our value chains. Natural rubber (the material our condoms are made of) is grown on over 14 million hectars world wide, mainly in monocultures, often of deforested land under sometimes precarious working conditions. We have set up a regenerative rubber initiative in which we are working together with farmers in Southern Thailand, sourcing rubber grown in agroforestry systems, providing a guaranteed purchase and premium price.

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Climate Innovation 15. März 2021

For more sanitation solutions

The proposal of SOMOS ECUADOR aims to strengthen the technical and organizational capacities of the population to improve their conditions of access to sanitation, under criteria of equity and sustainability. According to the latest Ecuador census (2010), 46.4% of houses do not have sewerage and many municipalities do not treat the wastewater. The experience about ecological sanitation in the community of Chamanga, located on the north coast of Ecuador, is motivating because shows the value of promoting innovative solutions based on community management. We believe it is an experience that could be replicated and scaled up in order to generate a greater impact in other areas of the country, thereby reducing water pollution and facilitating access to adequate sanitation for low-income families.

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Climate Innovation 18. März 2021

Green Forever

Green Forever is a project that i started with my students at school. I am an IT instructor and i encurage my students to solve the environmental pollution problem in our school, by planting trees and plants. We also publish our idea with others and I have been selected as an innovative educator expert by Microsoft since 2010. Since then i am connected with students and teachers around the world.

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Climate Innovation 22. April 2022


GreenGraffiti® is an unexpected form of sustainable advertising that turns city sidewalks and squares into unconventional media space that catches the eye and generates curiosity, astonishment and media coverage. The graffiti are produced using a technique that makes virtually no environmental impact: the formula is made by chalk, cellulose and serum milk, and only water is required for removal. The aluminum stencils are completely recycled after use.

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Climate Innovation 25. März 2022


Greenish is an Egyptian social enterprise that aims to achieve sustainable development through interactive educational activities, environmental assessment services, and provide support to local communities vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. We have worked on establishing 26 environmental clubs around 10 governates in Egypt. Empowering 1100 students to start their own project to address their communities's most pressing environmental challenges. We have also managed to establish the first Arabic environmental manuals to address biodiverscity, clean energy, waste management, food water and arigculture.

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Climate Innovation 9. Mai 2021


InovaYa is a French startup that was created in 2018 by Khaled Al Mezayen, Justine Vidil and Guillaume Lonchamp after a fruitful encounter in Romania. Their ambition: changing the paradigm of the world of water by offering alternative and responsible filtration solutions to improve universal access to drinking water and preserve water resources. After seven years of R&D initiated in Romania, they have created a disruptive technology: the unYo®. This innovation, which combines ultrafiltration and adsorbent filters, can treat all sources of fresh water and provide drinking water to communities of 500 to 20,000 inhabitants. It is a patented system which has many benefits. As it adapts to the field, it also can respond to other issues such as the treatment of industrial effluents and the reuse of water.

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Climate Innovation 7. Juni 2021