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On equals: Only your talent makes you special

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine the number of people with disabilities of working age is about 2.7 million, of which only 26% are employed. Therefore, the project "On equals" was created that progressed towards resolution of this problem: 1. a sociological study was conducted; 2. an informative and educational campaign is being carried out on social networks; 3. we shot public service videos and a short film about the active life and work of people with disabilities; 4. we developed an online platform that collects vacancies from various fields for people with disabilities. Why is there a need for a separate platform? In an ideal world, any vacancy is equally available for everyone, namely for people with needed qualifications and experience. Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine is different. Based on the experience of nongovernmental organizations engaged in the employment of people with disabilities, there is a tendency for people to be more encouraged...

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Culture 15. September 2021


My name is Marta Kluba. I am a design graduate from Poland. I have played the violin since I was a child. As an adult, I have been looking to connect music, new technology and design, trying to channel people's thinking into climate issues. In my work I try to put emphasize on climate changes and the power of nature which can change people's lives and make them much happier. First, I have designed an instrument for plants, Fasola si do. It is a wooden box with metal wires, containing electronics. The instrument is programmed to play violin sounds for plants. For my master deegre project I have designed a modular installation, Plantstation, where I cooperated with a music composer, scientists, craftsmen and an IT programmer. Having obtained sponsorship helped me to bring the project into effect and create a working prototype of the installation. To me, music is an enormous, exciting and emotional medium. Combined with new technology, music can create extensive possibilites, ...

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Culture 9. August 2021

Artificial Museum

Our mission is to create, procure, research, distribute, and preserve digitized art of a wide variety of artistic fields. At its core, the *Artificial Museum* challenges the status quo and creates new perspectives of the term museum, rethinking the questions ’what is art?’ and ‘who perceives it’. There are more artworks by dead men stored in museums than can be exhibited. What remains is the virtual, imaginary area, in which there is also an almost infinite amount of space. Instead of continuing to practice the status quo of art in “temporary used” spaces, we decided to just use the space between the worlds on a permanent and self-determined basis, as an experimental playground for reawakening imagination in public space. We resolve this through a decentralized platform using *AR technology* in public space, making gps-anchored artifacts accessible to everyone, both at home and abroad. Our 'building' is based on public participation that can inscribe itself anywhere an...

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Culture 6. August 2021


I am Ahmed, a student at the faculty of Law in Cairo, I am a writer of short stories, poetry and storytelling. The problem I am talking about is the "problems of refugees in the host countries." I am organizing workshops and events to talk about their problems, fears and hopes, and tell their inspiring stories to the world by publishing them in brochures and books with illustrations. One workshop every year, ten refugees attend each workshop with the help of 3 facilitators, two of whom participate online because they are refugees in Germany and Austria. Performances are organized in several centers, such as the Goethe-Institut in Cairo and the Jusoor Center of All Saints' Cathedral. All participate by filling out an electronic form, and for a seven days, we share with everyone their stories and organize a storytelling show, then for a month we organize an exhibition of illustrations..

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Culture 28. Juli 2021

Sister Mary

Who are you? Sister Mary is the very first company, which provides sustainable services for film and TV projects in Russia. What's the problem? CO2 emissions from the production of one feature film can be compared to the emissions of one small city of 20,000 citizens. What are you doing that’s new/different? That is why for over a decade around the world green film alliances have been formed, emissions studies are being conducted, guides for sustainable filming are being produced, sustainability managers are hired for film projects and in big production studios, work systems are planned to create carbon-neutral projects. There is no such activity in Russia. We (Sister Mary) are starting it now, in 2021. Our website features are fully-functional for filmmakers in Russia. It is available for everyone who visits our website. We adapted all the best practices from all over the world to Russian reality and added some local ideas for our audience.

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Culture 10. Juni 2021

Cross-Border Sound for Persons with Disabilities

The objective of the project was to foster cultural and art creation of young people with disabilities in the field of music, by using new technologies and enabling their active role in the cultural life of the community in the cross-border area. Implementation of the project was enable young people with disabilities a chance to actively participate in cultural and public events in their communities. They have become more visible and the project contributed to the creation of positive attitudes towards people with disabilities and removing of psychological and social barriers.The organized events and performances enhanced the participation of the person with disabilities in the life of their communities making them less subject to discrimination trying to solve some of their basic problems

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Culture 23. Mai 2021

Music for All

The main issues that the project wanted to tackle are insufficient cultural cooperation among young people in the Western Balkan region and lack of motivation to get to know culture and society of neighboring countries. Also the project wanted to encourage participants to get to know the musical heritage, culture and history of other nations, to create space for mutual learning and cultural cooperation young people with disabilities from Serbia and young people from Albania through active participation in music workshops and performance. An innovative part of the project is the use of technology to include young people with disabilities in the cultural life of the community and thus encourage them to participate in other aspects of life and overcome social barriers and prejudices.

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Culture 21. Mai 2021


Young adults have a strong interest in art and culture but do not have the resources to keep an overview which interesting exhibitions are going on to plan their next museum visit. myCulture is a personal art and culture curator in app-format that provides art enthusiasts with personalised recommendations for exhibitions based on their interests and keeps them up-to-date about the latest cultural events. Our Founders Vera L. B. Grablechner, MA and her technical Co-Founder have a strong background in marketing, sales and e-business on the one hand and IT on the other hand. Both are connected by their passion for art, culture and sustainability as well as their strong will to make the world a better place. We are currently looking for funding to support our app launch at the end of 2021.

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Culture 20. Mai 2021


The TeleAgriCulture Platform is an analog & digital community platform, designed for any size agricultural scenario, aimed at creative individuals & innovative organisations. We facilitate access to environmental data from discrete living ecosystems in our network, encouraging participation in food production, supply networks & communal ecology cultures. Combining artist in residencies with independent projects, we aim to promote self-sufficiency through creative engagement with food systems. Conceived at MIT Community Bio-Summit in 2018, TeleAgriCulture was developed at Cultivamos Cultura & V2_ Lab in 2019 & was nominated for both the S.T.A.R.T.S Prize and the Digital Communities Golden Nica in 2020. Most recently, it won the Vienna Design Week Urban Food Design Challenge &has been presented at Ars Electronica, Stadtwerkstatt, Artspace Sydney, Kunstuniversität Linz & Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

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Culture 19. Mai 2021

Music Safari

Why not mix up the music of different communities who live around Vienna? We bring normally boring public space to life, on a small budget, & give a Grätzl something to talk about. For Music Safari, dj Eugene (from London) plays open air, with music reflecting all the people who live nearby. With his city-storytelling group Whoosh, he takes locals on a dance adventure. After visiting a local school for research, the dj entertains the neighborhood with Turkish, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Roma, African, Bollywood & Austrian tunes. Anyone can ask for a special song they’d like to hear. Residents start to dance, & are surprised to hear ‘their’ music played by a Brit, & alongside other styles. It allows local children to lead the dancing, showing each other the right steps & moves. It helps validate their culture, & shows that those tunes don’t just belong at private house parties or weddings, but also out on the streets of Vienna.

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Culture 6. Mai 2021

Robabikia Art Foundation

The project is to create a facility, to be located in Upper Egypt for independent artists, individuals will learn and practice art, and art troupes and bands. It will allow them to work on social issues and produce art to address these issues. Our idea is to use effective methods to educate and enhance the creative industry sector on a local aspect, through art integrated with locals and indigenous. For example, Female Right in Education, we could tackle such an issue through developing an artistic activity to show the importance of education for our community, regardless of being male or female, also search the root cause of not letting Females join schools or university, is it lack of safety or fear of what could an educated female do in future? or it might be religious or traditional based issue?.

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Culture 30. April 2021

Dancing Trees

The Project Dancing Trees attempts to answer the question of what artists and theatre makers can do to sensitize the community to respond to one of the greatest crises that humanity has ever faced: the crisis of disappearance of a healthy living environment whose direct symptoms are climate change and one of the main causes of it- deforestation. Dancing Trees is a project which consists of dance theatre production and set of activities. DAH Theatre's production will take place in the open air —at the Student Park in Belgrade. The production is a poetic way to engage the importance of forest protection, without which our living conditions are deteriorating daily. Seven actors/dancers will perform in it, while the original music score will be created by a renowned composer, Ivana Stefanovic. This project aims to sensitize the audience and incite civil initiatives that will stop excessive tree cutting that we are witnessing as of lately.

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Culture 28. April 2021