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Music Safari

Why not mix up the music of different communities who live around Vienna? We bring normally boring public space to life, on a small budget, & give a Grätzl something to talk about. For Music Safari, dj Eugene (from London) plays open air, with music reflecting all the people who live nearby. With his city-storytelling group Whoosh, he takes locals on a dance adventure. After visiting a local school for research, the dj entertains the neighborhood with Turkish, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Roma, African, Bollywood & Austrian tunes. Anyone can ask for a special song they’d like to hear. Residents start to dance, & are surprised to hear ‘their’ music played by a Brit, & alongside other styles. It allows local children to lead the dancing, showing each other the right steps & moves. It helps validate their culture, & shows that those tunes don’t just belong at private house parties or weddings, but also out on the streets of Vienna.


Kultur 6. Mai 2021

Innovation Happiness

We want to introduce ourselves as a team of people who have” courage to dream.” A dream of bringing sustainable happiness to people as a HappyPeople, and experiencing the NEW and be prepared for transformation in a sustainable way. Peter, as a Transformation Expert with full-time time donation. He is Viennese and active as a philanthropic advisor, an ambassador for transformation with joy. Claudia - is Viennese, mother of two children and self-employed - and as a Talent Expert has the courage to contribute 8 hours of her time. Kamran comes from Iran and contributes three days a week to the common good as a Social Sustainability Business Expert - also part-time donation. As a matter of fact, our inner child made a lot of experiences, conflicts, insecurity, loneliness, et. This makes our world fragile, our JobWorld, Relationship with Family and Friends, Health, Financial Situation, Future of the Children, Social Responsibility, Environment, and Mission and Vision have been affected...


Bildung 5. Mai 2021

Snowball Effect - replicating what works

Snowball Effect is the first school for aspiring social entrepreneurs who don’t want to reinvent the wheel: they learn how to replicate in their region a social business that has already proven to work somewhere else, by learning from their initial founders. The solutions to cope with our society’s challenges exist, it’s high time to spread them! In our programs aspiring social entrepreneurs discover a panel of proven social businesses worth replicating, learn from their founders, acquire the right skills to replicate (market adaptation, market sizing, collaboration, introspection, entrepreneurial mindset etc.) and follow the program with others like-minded participants from all over Europe!


Bildung 3. Mai 2021

Was wäre wenn... der utopische Podcast

Was wäre, wenn es keine Ausbeutung von Menschen, Tieren und Natur gäbe - kein Gegeneinander, sondern ein Miteinander? Im April ist mit "Was wäre wenn... der utopische Podcast" der erste Zukunfts-Podcast im Infomagazin FROzine von Radio FRO gestartet. Chefredakteurin Sigrid Ecker möchte mit ihrem Podcast den Blick auf das Positive, das Utopische richten. Es geht vor allem darum Lösungsprozesse abzubilden. Eine Vision, eine Utopie haben, wie es besser gehen könnte. Denn so Ecker: "Wir sind rund um die Uhr umgeben von Nachrichten, die das Licht auf Missstand, Ungerechtigkeit, Verbrechen, Betrug, Katastrophe und Schicksal richten. Würden wir das Verhältnis umkehren und in dem Maße darüber berichten, was alles gut läuft, dann wäre vielleicht manches möglich, was uns jetzt utopisch erscheint." Es ist an der Zeit unseren Vorstellungen von einer gerechten und guten Welt wieder Raum zu geben und zu formulieren.


Soziales 3. Mai 2021

Minority Minds

Hallo! Ich bin Martina, eine motivierte Studentin mit ausgeprägtem Sprachentalent (16 Sprachen). Meine Projektidee ist “Minority Minds", eine Initiative zu Solidarität mit und Wissen über Minderheiten, ihre Sprachen und Kulturen. Was? Das Projekt holt unbekannte/wenig gesprochene Sprachen vor den Vorhang! So hilft es dabei, die Bedeutung dieser Gruppen zu fördern, Wissen zu erweitern und bietet mit Sprachkursen eine Qualifizierung für durch die Krise besonders benachteiligte Gruppen wie Menschen mit Beeinträchtigung/ältere Menschen. Wie geschieht das? Drei Teile, eine Wissens-Plattform, eine Service-App & ein Event/Support-Teil sollen dies ermöglichen! Was ist neu/anders? Der innovative Ansatz der Verbindung zwischen Gesellschaft und Wissenschaft zu diesem Thema und der inklusive Aspekt – das Projekt ist 100% barrierefrei!


Corona 2. Mai 2021

Leonardo CripTech incubator

CripTech Incubator is an art and technology fellowship for disability innovation. Encompassing residencies, workshops, presentations, publication and education, this innovation incubator creates a platform for disabled artists to engage and remake creative technologies through the lens of accessibility. Employing a broad understanding of technologies, including prosthetic tools, neural networks, software and the built environment, CripTech Incubator reimagines enshrined notions of how a body-mind can move, look, communicate.


Technologie 1. Mai 2021

"Veröffentlichung" von Grundstücksecken

Ich bin Hobbyhistoriker und habe mir privat Gedanken gemacht, wie die Zukunft der unmittelbaren Straße aussieht. Durch eine kleine Abwinklung des Zauns an der Gartenecke werden Freiflächen geschaffen, in denen die Besitzer und die Stadt gemeinsam mit Vereinen wie "fridays for future" oder Künstlern etwas der Gesellschaft vermitteln können. Diese Grundstücksecke wertet die Strasse, die Gegend und somit letztlich das Grundstück selbst auf. Sie schafft durch bessere Sicht auf die Kreuzung Verkehrssicherheit und gleichzeitig Wohlbefinden. Die Stadt muss jedoch Anreize schaffen, damit diese potentiellen Freiflächen geschaffen werden können. Etwa eine Grundsteuersenkung, Schaffung der rechtlichen (haftungstechnischen) Voraussetzungen, Mitbetreuung durch die Stadtgärtnerei


Soziales 1. Mai 2021

Robabikia Art Foundation

The project is to create a facility, to be located in Upper Egypt for independent artists, individuals will learn and practice art, and art troupes and bands. It will allow them to work on social issues and produce art to address these issues. Our idea is to use effective methods to educate and enhance the creative industry sector on a local aspect, through art integrated with locals and indigenous. For example, Female Right in Education, we could tackle such an issue through developing an artistic activity to show the importance of education for our community, regardless of being male or female, also search the root cause of not letting Females join schools or university, is it lack of safety or fear of what could an educated female do in future? or it might be religious or traditional based issue?.


Kultur 30. April 2021


At Crea +, we have proposed to contribute to transforming society and building the country in which we want to live. And for this, we believe that our children must discover their talents and dedicate to what they are passionate about. In this way, they can grow up inspired, motivated and happy. For this reason and through 10 years, Crea + has had the mission of allowing children from vulnerable backgrounds to discover their talent and find their passion during their school years. To achieve this, we have built a professional volunteering program in which young people and adults donate their talents, hobbies and professions through face-to-face and virtual classes that they share with students from all over Peru. We want more children to believe in themselves to achieve their dreams. That moves us and has led us to offer more than 30 thousand free classes with 300 different themes such as mini engineers, mini chef, mini architects, singing, scientific experiments, veterinary ...


Bildung 28. April 2021

Dancing Trees

The Project Dancing Trees attempts to answer the question of what artists and theatre makers can do to sensitize the community to respond to one of the greatest crises that humanity has ever faced: the crisis of disappearance of a healthy living environment whose direct symptoms are climate change and one of the main causes of it- deforestation. Dancing Trees is a project which consists of dance theatre production and set of activities. DAH Theatre's production will take place in the open air —at the Student Park in Belgrade. The production is a poetic way to engage the importance of forest protection, without which our living conditions are deteriorating daily. Seven actors/dancers will perform in it, while the original music score will be created by a renowned composer, Ivana Stefanovic. This project aims to sensitize the audience and incite civil initiatives that will stop excessive tree cutting that we are witnessing as of lately.


Kultur 28. April 2021

Ein Zukunftsforum gründen....... und anfangen.

In Deutschland wohnt fast die Hälfte der Bevölkerung in einem demokratischen Vakuum. In den Stadtteilen wo sie wohnen sind sie Erfahrungsexperten. Dort haben sie ehrenamtlich Zeit sich einzusetzen. Und genau dort haben sie zurzeit vor Ort keine demokratische Institutionen. Damit erreichen wir keine Nachhaltigkeit und Resilienz unserer Gesellschaft. Insbesondere lernt die Jugend so nicht aus der eigenen Umgebung, wie sie effektiv diese Eigenverantwortung wahrnehmen können. Es ist sofort möglich auf zivilgesellschaftlicher Basis Zukunftsforen in diesen Stadtteilen zu gründen. Das Zukunftsforum Blankenese ist ein erfolgreiches Reallabor das leicht zu kopieren ist. www.zukunfsforum-rissen.de www.mierendorffinsel.org


Bildung 27. April 2021

The WOW Dinner - We bring the World to the table

What is the problem? The problem is that women and girls are still on the side line in the tech world around the globe. In the workplace, events, in daily life. Although things are improving the numbers of the UN and Unicef proof that there is still a lot of work to do for the coming years. Who are we ? The WOW Dinner is a Global Organization that is based in the Netherlands. It started initially as a one time event, but, after the first edition sold out edition was a huge success we as founders decided to continue. The WOW Dinner started as an organization to promote women in the tech industry, but, grew out to an organization that successfully promote, engage and create opportunities for both women, men, lgtbq in the tech industry. What we are doing new ? We organize networking dinners in partnership with or around big events around the world. Our networking dinners are personal and have this atmosphere that is unique for our organization and where it stands for. We hav...


Wirtschaft 24. April 2021